Making Merry in Mauritius

Making Merry in Mauritius 0

There are mountain people and there are beach people. The two are not necessarily exclusive, but most of us just have an inclination to prefer one to the other. However, there are few destinations in the world that absolutely anyone and everyone will enjoy. Thus, no extravagant vacation planning can be considered complete without giving great consideration to Mauritius. More

November Shine: Celebrating the Diwali Festival of Light Around the World

November Shine: Celebrating the Diwali Festival of Light Around the World 0

As it gets closer to Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays, it get more and more difficult to go on those dreaded overseas work trips. Everyone would much rather be at home with his or her families, planning their merry holidays. However, that Christmas bonus will make all the effort well worth it, if you can just have the right attitude. More

Southampton: England’s Southern Coast is Full of Surprises

Southampton: England’s Southern Coast is Full of Surprises 0

Is something calling you to the southern coast of England? Perhaps you need a quiet coastal town in which to linger a bit before heading to continental Europe? While Brighton is an obvious choice for Brits or visitors wanting a bit of sun and fun during holidays, Southampton makes for a more pleasant and singular stay. It’s less about urban thrills and entertainment and more about history and natural beauty ‚Äì not that it doesn’t have its fair share of arts and entertainment, as well. More

Kutahya, a Delightful Destination for a Weekend in Turkey

Kutahya, a Delightful Destination for a Weekend in Turkey 0

If you are in Turkey for work or a vacation, you are probably going to land and stay in Istanbul. There certainly is a lot to see and experience in that amazing city. However, if you find yourself longing for a bit of peace and quiet and some outdoor adventure without missing out on the cultural aspects, Kutahya is just the place for you. Living life to the fullest is the hallmark of a good traveller’s experiences so do not miss out on this stress free and fun getaway.


Visit Antwerp For Many Reasons

Visit Antwerp For Many Reasons 0

“If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium‚ if it’s Wednesday this must be Rome.” Donovan Leitch may have been on a whirlwind tour of Europe when he wrote those lyrics, but every traveler ought to spend time in the Belgian city of Antwerp. This enigmatic cultural abode is where the old blends seamlessly with the new.


Re-Discovering ‘Santosha’ at Flic en Flac

Re-Discovering ‘Santosha’ at Flic en Flac 0

While planning your vacation to Mauritius, consider staying in the charming little neighboring fishing village, Flic en Flac. It used to be known as the Santosha beach, which means the beach of happiness. More

Hidden Lecce Museums

Hidden Lecce Museums 0

When you call a country like Italy home, especially a city like Lecce, there is no limit to the surprises the earth beneath your feet holds. Italy has been populated and settled for centuries, and more than one great society has found a foothold in this fertile region. Movements spanning time and of profound historical significance have to come to fore in Italy, but as with all things, they recede into the shadows of time. When will light be cast again on these secrets? It’s hard to say, but One homeowner in Lecce casted some light completely by accident, he had one of the hidden Lecce Museums and he didn’t even know about it.